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High Availability, High Performance Load Balancing

Does your Web site or application require maximum uptime and reliability?

Load Balancing

ZZ Servers load balancing services are designed to provide you with a redundant, solid, cost-effective platform that will prevent downtime and lost business opportunities for e-commerce and high-traffic Web sites. Get the performance and peace of mind that will allow you to focus on your core business.

Load balancing allows a group of servers to manage requests made to a server intelligently. This high-performance, high-availability architecture allows significantly greater performance and redundancy than can be achieved by a single server.

Using ZZ Servers load balancing solutions, you protect your systems with additional layers of hardware and network redundancy. We can combine a variety of hardware and software in both dedicated and shared configurations, providing affordable answers to your high-availability needs.

Our dedicated load-balancing/failover solutions are designed to handle high-volume sites with ease, spreading traffic across multiple servers and automatically rerouting the entire load should a particular server fail. This high-availability solution ensures you stay online and prevents any service interruptions.

With ZZ Servers custom load balancing system, even small businesses on a limited budget can afford load balancing and application failover. For a small investment, your critical applications stay up 24/7 and can be balanced across multiple servers and/or sites.

Note: Up to 5 configuration change requests per month included free. Requests for modifications or addition of policy rules beyond the 5 included changes are subject to administrative charges at our standard contract rate.

  1. General Features
  2. Available Methods
Features LB 5 Shared LB 10 Shared LB 20 Dedicated
IPs Alotted: 5 10 20
Throughput: 5 mbps 10 mbps 100 mbps
Connections Per Second: 100 200 400
Concurrent Connection: 5000 10000 30000
System RAM: 256 384 512
Pricing: Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details

General Features

  • Layer 2 (Ethernet) "switching engine" based software load balancer.
  • Backup targets (hosts) specifiable in case of failure of all primary targets.
  • "Alert" and "Upalert" notification script interface.
  • Direct Server Return (DSR) operation support.
  • Unchanged client addresses on IP-level.
  • Multi-Node High Availability capability using standard VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).
  • "All service load balancing" based on client IP address allows generic load balancing independent of specific ports.
  • NAT state replication between master and backup node.
  • VRRP tracking supported to allow automatic resource tracking and failover.
  • Lcation-based server load-balacing utilizing a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database (IPDB/LGRP).
  • DNS-based GSLB (Global Server Load-Balancing).

Session Table Features

  • Support of session table state replication / session synchronization between VRRP master and backup.
  • Session persistence based on client address and optional source port.

Available Load Balancing Methods

  • agent: based on bngagent returned value. Bngagent supplied as open source and precompiled binaries.
  • bw: based on overall bandwidth
  • bwin: based on incoming bandwidth
  • bwout: based on outgoing bandwidth
  • hash: based on hash function called with source IP address
  • plugin: based on plugin script or program
  • random: based on pseudo randomness (optionally weighted)
  • rndagent: based on agent returned value, but randomized
  • rr: based on simple round robin
  • session: based on the least number of current sessions

Available Health Check Methods

  • agent: Target server side user supplied script or program functionality
  • ping: ICMP echo request/reply health check
  • script: user supplied health check script or program (Mon monitoring daemon scripts and other tools like "wget" are supported for many common protocols like HTTP, SNMP, LDAP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, DNS and many more).
  • tcpopen: TCP open health check

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