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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions

ZZ Servers end-to-end network authentication solutions have been developed to secure every access point to the corporate network.

Remote Access Security

Remote Access Security through VPN services

Businesses increasingly need to provide employees with easy and cost-effective mobile and remote access to business applications and resources. This whole world of remote access security has changed extraordinarily over the past few years: noisy modems at 2400bps with unreliable connections; Expensive VPN services access with poor throughput; right through to fast broadband connections using SSL/VPNs.

To provide true security, the access method itself must be bulletproof, and controls must be put in place to manage the identity of the individual who is accessing applications and resources. The network access world would appear at first glance to have become far more secure, with Cisco, Microsoft, Network Providers and Applications developers making big advances.

But, consider this: in all this time the number and sophistication of the hackers who infiltrate company networks has far outstripped these advances. So, we have not even been standing still - we have been going backwards

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