Cloud solution for detecting and identifying critical changes, incidents, and risks resulting from normal and malicious events
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Service Overview

ZZ Servers uses a collection of tools that have long been recognized as the de-facto standard for intrusion detection and prevention. The power, precision, and flexibility of our technology and the robust rules-language enable the most comprehensive threat coverage possible. Understanding that attackers are constantly developing new methods of attack, uncovering new vulnerabilities and exploiting known weaknesses, we actively manage our systems to ensure our customers stay one step ahead of the latest threats.

ZZ Servers File Integrity Monitoring and Host Intrusion Detection, Monitoring and Prevention services service removes the burden of administration and monitoring of your Intrusion Detection infrastructure. This service provides our customers with our 24x7x365 expertise, monitoring, and proactive management necessary to ensure the maximum protection of critical organizational assets. We maintain all aspects of the File Integrity Monitoring and Host Intrusion Detection, Monitoring system and perform all management and maintenance.

ZZ Servers File Integrity Monitoring and Host Intrusion Detection, Monitoring and Prevention services are delivered in a premium, non-metered fashion. Our Managed Intrusion Detection service includes unlimited signature updates, tuning, consultation with our Analysts and all other activities associated with keeping your systems operating at peak performance.

Service Features

  • Signature updates
  • Signature tuning
  • Configuration changes
  • Event monitoring
  • Incident responses

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