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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

ZZ Servers end-to-end network authentication solutions secure every access point in business networks to provide multi-factor authentication for remote access, local access, web access and domain logon. 

When you think of all that happens online and you consider all that goes on in the 'networked' world, you can start to appreciate the tremendous need for strong security measures to protect online assets, data and communications.

Authentication is the cornerstone of any vigilant network security solution. And the authentication method used to protect the vast majority (90+%!) of networks (user names and passwords) is a 50 year-old solution designed when there were no networks, no Internet.. in fact, next to no computers!

Passwords suffer from a number of weaknesses that make them an ineffective security measure for your network - they are easy to steal, easy to hack and hard to remember. The result is both reduced network security and increased help-desk costs for resetting passwords.


Authentication Services For

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

If you are maintaining customer information, conducting financial transactions electronically, preparing or auditing the financial statements of clients, or even preparing your own financial reports on your internal network, you are likely subject to a variety of data security regulations and standards that have been implemented by governments and industry organizations.

Compliance with these regulations can involve implementing a comprehensive set of security technologies in your organization, as well as developing, adopting and adhering to stringent security policies.

Precisely which technologies and standards must be implemented in an organization is a matter of judgment, but most regulating bodies and industry experts recommend implementing two-factor authentication as a part of demonstrating and maintaining compliance.

User Access Verification

Logon - User Access Verification

ZZ Servers Logon Service provides a simple and consistent logon procedure through user access verification for users logging on to their desktop or servers for secure authentication. This solution provides seamless integration for VPN, WLAN, Web and application access solutions.

ZZ Servers CRYPTO-Logon complements existing auditing and reporting mechanisms with detailed access logs and reports that can help companies meet compliance requirements for industry and government regulations, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Gramm-Leach-Bailey.

Secure User Access Verification

  • Secure access to a local area network
  • Secure remote access
  • Secure access within firewall

Supported Desktops:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Variety of tokens to choose from.

Remote Access Security

Remote Access Security

Remote Access Security through VPN services

Businesses increasingly need to provide employees with easy and cost-effective mobile and remote access to business applications and resources. This whole world of remote access security has changed extraordinarily over the past few years: noisy modems at 2400bps with unreliable connections; Expensive VPN services access with poor throughput; right through to fast broadband connections using SSL/VPNs.

To provide true security, the access method itself must be bulletproof, and controls must be put in place to manage the identity of the individual who is accessing applications and resources. The network access world would appear at first glance to have become far more secure, with Cisco, Microsoft, Network Providers and Applications developers making big advances.

But, consider this: in all this time the number and sophistication of the hackers who infiltrate company networks has far outstripped these advances. So, we have not even been standing still - we have been going backwards

Secure Web for Apache and IIS

Secure Authentication Server = Secure Computing

Secure Web for Apache and IIS

Protect websites and web portals with our Web authentication agent. Users logging into a protected website (or portal) will authenticate using ZZ Servers multi-factor secure authentication for secure computing.

Protect a whole website or any page (or section) of a site through the secure authentication server. Login credentials can identify a user allowing you to deliver user-specific information – for instance a customer specific price list or billing information can be made available through this simple but secure computing process.

Unleash the full potential of your web communications, web-based applications and more by securing your site/portal with Web secure authentication server.

Secure Authentication Web Servers

  • Secure domain name and IP hosts
  • Authenticate Apache Servers
  • Authenticate IIS Servers

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