IT Support in Norfolk, provided by ZZ Servers

Why ZZ Servers is the IT company for Norfolk:

  • Chat-based, Real-time remote support
  • Flat-rate, transparent pricing
  • Guaranteed Initial Response under 10 minutes
  • On-site & Remote support
  • Fast-growing, technology-driven IT Support platform
  • No limit on ticket submission
  • Advanced Security and Compliance

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ZZ Servers Provides On-Site & Remote IT Support to users in Norfolk.

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We help you to focus on running and growing your business while we help on keeping your growing business running.

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Improve performance, security, and compliance while facing challenges unique to large commercial or manufacturing organizations.

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Helping government at all levels solve challenging mandates with efficiency, optimization, and compliance.

Our Norfolk Support Expertise

Onsite Support
  • On-Site in three hours, guaranteed
  • Transparent Communication
  • Reduce Downtime
Remote IT Helpdesk Support
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • 10 minute initial response guaranteed
  • No time wasted on self diagnosis
Network Management
  • Reduce downtime
  • Proactive network monitoring
  • Hardware implementation
Device & Inventory Management
  • Automated device provisioning
  • Real-time visibility into device health
  • Zero Trust
Security & Compliance
  • Enforce organization-wide security
  • Improve auditing
  • Security & compliance partners
Monitoring and insights
  • Real-time visibility into user requests
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 access to reporting
Procurement & Onboarding
  • Customize by department
  • Increase employee productivity from Day 1
  • Instantly give & revoke user access
Strategic Projects
  • Project management team
  • Done without hidden costs or fees
Camille Zhuk
ZZ Servers is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't use any other company to host my websites and client websites. When things go wrong they have the absolute best customer service in the business. I'm grateful to have used ZZ for over 10 years now and I highly recommend them!

On-Premise Local Service Technicians

ZZ Servers provides real-time support across Norfolk. Join our growing list of customers in the Norfolk area today!

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  • I need help with managed compliance.
  • We installed our network ourselves, and things aren’t working as expected
  • Our wireless network is slow, and some users are complaining
  • We take credit cards, and now we have to fill out complex paperwork
  • What’s wrong with the internet!!
  • I want to be ready for the future; what do I need to do?
  • My current IT company is difficult to work with and is slowing us down.
  • My website is really old
  • My office manager is overwhelmed and can’t fix the computers anymore
  • I don’t know if office 365 is right for my business
  • My medical practice is growing, and I need help with HIPAA compliance
  • Should I be worried about ransomware and malware?
  • What is the cloud?
IT Services by ZZ Servers

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