Kerio MailServer includes log viewing directly within the administration console. This is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot problems, identify attempts to breach security, or monitor daily activity. Although these files contain only textual information, over time they can become quite large, and without any maintenance, they can degrade the performance of the server and consume valuable space on the disk. By right clicking in the window of any log event, you can choose ‘Log Settings’. In this dialog you can enable rotation based on a time range or file size. It is highly recommended to enable this option and define a maximum number of rotated files. For example, rotate the logs every month and keep at most 12 rotated files. This would preserve up to one year’s worth of log information. Kerio MailServer does not access log files that have been rotated, therefore you can move old log files to another data store if you prefer to retain these log files beyond the specified rotation settings.

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