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Managed IT Services and Business Cybersecurity services for businesses with 10-200 employees that value predictable documented results, process, trust, and accountability.

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Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services

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ZZ Servers is a local IT Managed Service Provider that offers managed security services to small businesses in the South Eastern Virginia area.

At ZZ Servers, we believe in simplicity and ease of use. Our guiding values of Family, Quality, and Compassion are the cornerstone of our partnership. We empower business growth by providing compassionate support and services to technology users.

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Executives brainstorming strategies on a notepad, flanked by two laptops, highlighting the collaborative approach of ZZ Servers in delivering IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services.
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You deserve the best. We have the best. Simply put, we care — every single one of us, from the account managers and field technicians to cloud and cyber security experts. We hire, train, and have the highest-skilled team focused on creating strong relationships and putting your company’s needs first.


When it comes to network security and satisfaction, we don’t cut corners. Our tech gurus work around the clock to ensure that our support services are always ahead of industry changes. This way, you can focus on what’s important to you and save money.


It’s not just what we do but how we do it. At the heart of our values is an unwavering commitment to compassion. We strive to foster growth and success through empathy, understanding, and dedicated service for those working with technology.

Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services
Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services
Commercial Projects
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Work with an IT Services Firm in Virginia that Knows Your Industry.

The IT services industry has general technology solutions aimed at any sized business. To get the best outcomes, you need to work with IT service firms in Virginia that know your space.

Our IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services leverage specialists with decades of experience in your industry. We’ll deploy best practices, technology, and processes that align with the unique challenges of your industry – keeping your data secure, your network running, and your budget in check.

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Our Services

IT Services and Business Cybersecurity Services That Support Local Businesses

Whether you need information technology services from our IT team, endpoint protection, cybersecurity services, or fully outsourced managed services – think of us as your technology partner anywhere in Virginia.  Our service model simplifies your budget with flat-rate pricing models.

The Reasons That You Should Contact Us

Because of our unwavering passion for helping your people succeed, years of technical experience backed by our custom IT solutions, process, and unparalleled customer service, we deliver every time.

Years in the business

Our businesses are built on trust. We trust our employees, our clients trust us, and we trust our companies are safe. Cyber thieves, scammers, and criminals are doing everything they can to abuse this trust.

End Users Protected

From small businesses to large enterprises, we’ve got technology experts across Virginia and Hampton Roads to manage your IT and be your local managed IT support provider.

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We Take Care Of Your Technology & Keep
Your Business Cyber Safe Day By Day

It’s time to learn how to protect your business.



What our clients are saying about our Managed IT Services firm in Virginia

ZZ Servers provides managed IT services for small businesses in Virginia.
Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services

JarMarcus King

“Pete and his team are highly skilled Cyber Security and IT professionals. We sleep good knowing that ZZ Servers is protecting our business!”

Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services
Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services

Camille Zhuk

“When things go wrong, they have the best customer service in the business. I’m grateful to have used ZZ for over 10 years, and I highly recommend them!”

Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services
Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services

Amith K

“One of the best services provided and are very friendly. Well-maintained servers and instant support from the team. Best place to host your websites!!

The company hired ZZ Servers, a IT managed services provider, to handle its IT infrastructure and support needs.
Managed IT Services And Business Cybersecurity Services

Alissa Douglas

Virginia Beach, VA

“ZZ Servers and staff have been great since we joined them. Communication is great, and they handle everything promptly. They still come around even after I accidentally scared one when I thought a co-worker was walking by and jumped out LOL”

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