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The Begining

The ZZ Servers journey began in 2006 when two brothers, Peter and David Zendzian, had a visionary goal to support companies in achieving PCI compliance. The company’s humble beginnings were rooted in Peter’s garage and David’s FROG, marking the inception of a dedicated server and data center business.


At ZZ Servers, our mission is to merge the personalized service of local IT providers with the strength of a national network. We simplify IT challenges, offering high-touch services through our experienced local teams. Our goal is to provide the support businesses need to succeed in the digital age, combining personal attention with powerful resources.
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Early Years and Initial Focus

Following its founding, ZZ Servers quickly distinguished itself by specializing in offering services that helped businesses meet stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. This focus on security and compliance became a cornerstone of their value proposition to clients.


As ZZ Servers solidified its position in the IT and data center industry, the company experienced significant growth, driven by its commitment to security, reliability, and customer service excellence. This growth phase was marked by strategic decisions, technological advancements, and a deep understanding of market needs, leading to the expansion of its infrastructure with two data centers.

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Awards and Recognition

Over the years, ZZ Servers has earned recognition for its outstanding service, robust security measures, and stringent compliance standards. This recognition includes awards and prestigious certifications, underscoring the company’s leadership within the industry and its unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards. Notably, ZZ Servers has been honored by the Chamber of Commerce for its contributions and achievements for local businesses. Additionally, the company has achieved the distinguished PCI DSS Level 1 certification, the highest assurance level for service providers, which further highlights its commitment to securing and protecting customer data in accordance with the most rigorous industry standards.

Expansion into the Managed Services Provider (MSP) Space

ZZ Servers’ strategic decision to expand into the Managed Services Provider (MSP) space marked a significant evolution in its business model and service offerings, reflecting a deep understanding of the changing IT landscape and client needs. This move was both a response to the growing demand for comprehensive IT management solutions and a proactive step to leverage the company’s expertise in secure and reliable IT infrastructure.
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Awards and Recognition

In a significant development that underscores its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions, ZZ Servers announced a strategic partnership with Kaseya, a leading provider of IT management software solutions. This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone in ZZ Servers’ ongoing mission to enhance its service offerings and provide its clients with the most advanced and efficient IT management tools available.

2024 and Beyond

ZZ Servers continues to distinguish itself as a dominant force in Managed IT Services, Server management, Data Center Services, and Cybersecurity , emphasizing the protection of client data and adherence to rigorous compliance standards. ZZ Servers integrates cutting-edge security measures to combat cyber threats, underscoring its comprehensive approach to IT solutions. ZZ Servers prioritizes business cyber training, offering programs aimed at increasing cybersecurity awareness and skills among businesses. This initiative reflects ZZ Servers’ dedication to promoting digital safety and its role in fostering a secure, informed business community as it navigates the future of IT.

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Why US

We understand that running a business can be tough and full of surprises. That’s why we’re here—to bring balance and clear direction when things get hectic. We make it our job to connect with our clients, understanding what troubles you and what you’re aiming for. When you team up with us, you get partners who can sort through the mess and help you find your way. We’re all about simplifying things and pushing your business ahead, no matter how chaotic it gets.

Our Core Values

Our culture is built around three key values that differentiate us from our competition.


Central to ZZ Servers' philosophy is a "family-first" approach, recognizing that employees work primarily for their families. This value reflects a deep understanding of the personal motivations behind work and the importance of balancing professional responsibilities with family needs. ZZ Servers actively supports this balance, ensuring that both staff and clients know that their families' well-being is a priority. This commitment means offering flexible working arrangements, understanding personal commitments, and fostering an environment where the families of employees and customers are respected and valued.


Quality is a cornerstone of ZZ Servers' commitment to excellence. The company prides itself on delivering services and solutions that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and security. By adhering to this core value, ZZ Servers ensures that every aspect of its operations—from server management and cybersecurity to customer service—exceeds client expectations. This dedication to quality drives continuous improvement, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors, reinforcing ZZ Servers' reputation as a leader in the IT industry.


ompassion is integral to the way ZZ Servers conducts its business, demonstrating an empathetic understanding of client challenges and a commitment to contributing positively to the broader community. This value is evident in the company's tailored approach to service, where solutions are designed with a deep understanding of each client's unique needs and circumstances. Additionally, ZZ Servers' dedication to business cyber training exemplifies its compassionate approach, aiming to empower businesses with the knowledge to safeguard against cyber threats, thus ensuring a safer digital environment for all.

A team built on experience

Leveraging a rapidly expanding network across the nation, we unite an exceptional team renowned for their best-in-class service and unparalleled technical expertise. Our dynamic and dedicated team, contributing from various locations throughout the US, reflects our commitment to growth and excellence in the industry.

17 Years Of Business Cybersecurity Excellence With Quality At Its Best!

Our commitment to a high level of customer service and belief in personalized customer service for every client is an integral component of our business philosophy. We aim to work collaboratively with industry professionals, our clients, and consumers to provide a source for affordable small-business cybersecurity and a friendly, family-oriented customer support experience.

17 years of business cybersecurity excellence with quality at its best!
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