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Business Cybersecurity and IT Support

Our businesses are built on trust. We trust our employees, our clients trust us, and we trust our companies are safe. Cyber thieves, scammers, and criminals are doing everything they can to abuse this trust.

Meet the ZZ Servers team: A cohesive unit of professionals at the forefront of business cybersecurity. Their smiles reflect not just camaraderie but an unwavering commitment to trust and the rigorous protection of sensitive data. As pillars of our business, they amplify our top-tier services, ensuring that security isn't just a word, but a steadfast promise we uphold every day.
Business Cybersecurity and IT Support
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17 years of Business Cybersecurity excellence with quality at its best!

Our commitment to a high level of customer service and belief in personalized customer service for every client is an integral component of our business philosophy. We aim to work collaboratively with industry professionals, our clients, and consumers to provide a source for affordable small business cybersecurity and a friendly, family-oriented customer support experience.

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We Take Care Of Your Business & Keep it Functioning Great

Whether it’s providing advanced compliance-based data center solutions to Fortune 100 firms, offering clear technical solutions to local businesses, or fully outsourcing and managing business cybersecurity and technology solutions, ZZ Servers cybersecurity for business specialization is business-ready and business tested.

Business Cybersecurity and IT Support
Peter Zendzian
Business Cybersecurity and IT Support
Christopher Lex
Business Cybersecurity and IT Support
Mandalyn Ringersma
Business Cybersecurity and IT Support
Ron Elliot
Our Features

IT Management & Cybersecurity Features

Ensuring Optimal Performance and Cybersecurity for Business. These are some IT Management and Small Business Cybersecurity Capabilities we use to protect your business.

Endpoint Security

It can help protect against malware and other security threats that exploit your devices.

Mobile Device Management

We manage and secure your business mobile phones and tablets.

Incident Response Planning

A clear response plan for security incidents can help minimize damage and recovery time.

24/7 Support

protecting small businesses against big losses from downtime, with a dedicated team of IT professionals available around the clock to address and resolve your IT issues anytime they occur promptly.

On-Site Support

Skilled IT professionals come directly to your business location to address hardware issues, perform installations or upgrades, and provide hands-on assistance for your unique IT needs.

Remote Assistance

Swiftly troubleshoot and resolve your technical issues from afar, ensuring seamless operations and minimal disruption to your business, regardless of where you’re located.

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Understanding Your Business Cybersecurity Needs are Insights and Updates from ZZ Servers.