Downtime Is Expensive

Downtime Cost Calculator – You may not know it, but the average cost of downtime per minute is $5,600, according to a 2014 study by Gartner. And that figure has been rising since then. A more recent report (from Ponemon Institute in 2016) raises Gartner’s average from $5,600 per minute to nearly $9,000 per minute.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help you prevent that kind of costly downtime from happening in your business. Our solutions are designed to keep your systems up and running so you can focus on what you do best.

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Downtime cost calculator

What Benefits Will I Get with IT Vendor Management?

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Downtime cost calculator

Don't Let Downtime Disrupt Your Growth. ZZ Servers Keeps You Running.

Downtime is costly. Lost revenue, frustrated customers, and unexpected expenses can derail your business momentum. ZZ Servers understands this. We proactively manage your IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions and ensure continuous operation. This maximizes your productivity and revenue while safeguarding your reputation. Our robust solutions prevent outages and ensure a swift recovery if an interruption occurs. ZZ Servers gives you peace of mind to focus on core business activities and achieve strategic goals, knowing your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

Lost Revenue & Productivity

Downtime means lost business. ZZ Servers proactively manages your IT infrastructure to minimize disruptions and ensure you stay operational, maximizing revenue and employee productivity.

Reputational Damage & Customer Frustration

Every minute of downtime can erode customer trust. ZZ Servers implements robust solutions to prevent outages and safeguard your reputation.

Unexpected Costs & Recovery Efforts

Downtime often leads to hidden expenses for repairs and recovery. ZZ Servers' proactive approach minimizes these costs and ensures a swift recovery if an outage occurs.

Peace of Mind & Focus on Growth

Don't let IT worries hinder your success. ZZ Servers manages your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on core business activities and achieve strategic goals with peace of mind.

What is ZZ Servers?

Since 2006, ZZ Servers has provided IT Support, Managed IT Services, Datacenter Services, and IT Consulting in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, and surrounding areas.

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