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A person looks at a laptop screen, with text on the image saying "reporting phishing" and arrows labeled "fast," "slow," and "not at all. " highlighting the importance of employees reporting security issues promptly ensures a fast response to potential threats.
The faster your employees report a potential cyber...
Five people join hands in a circle under a rainbow-colored infinity symbol with the text "team copilot" on a blue background, illustrating unity in investing.
Microsoft isn’t happy just boosting individual productivity....
Illustration showing the transformation of colorful residential buildings to greyed-out buildings, with text "cyber investment" and a green arrow pointing from colorful to grey buildings against a binary code background, emphasizing businesses investing in cyber security defenses.
Cyber security: More and more businesses are making...
A person is pressing a virtual fingerprint scanner with the text "your data secret" in large white letters and "shhh! " in red script overlaying the fingerprint. Background shows code snippets, underscoring the emphasis on data security.
Has a pop-up notification ever embarrassed you while...
An animated blue character with sad eyes and a tear drop appears on a laptop screen with the text "teams meeting pop-ups. " a hand reaches to close the pop-up.
Has a pop-up notification ever embarrassed you while...

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