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An animated blue character with sad eyes and a tear drop appears on a laptop screen with the text "teams meeting pop-ups. " a hand reaches to close the pop-up.
Has a pop-up notification ever embarrassed you while...
Illustration of a strong, muscular battery standing on a rock with the text "laptop battery health" in the background. The setting includes mountains and a clear blue sky, revealing the secrets to help your laptop battery live longer.
Ever been caught out by a low laptop battery at the...
A woman resting her head on a laptop in an office, visibly stressed, with the word "password struggle" and a complex password floating beside her.
Teams is getting some Copilot-powered updates that...
A focused man in a hoodie reviews a "cyber security training plan" for 2023 with a checkmark, and 2024 declined, marked by a screen with a bold "no!
Teams is getting some Copilot-powered updates that...
Promotional graphic for "copilot productivity boost for teams," featuring a muscular figure with a computer screen for a head, set against a dynamic, exploding background.
Teams is getting some Copilot-powered updates that...

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