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A Wi-Fi Installation (wireless) network is no longer a convenience. It is now a necessity for many businesses. The world around us is going wireless and ZZ Servers can get your office and devices securely connected. Employees must have access to the corporate network and that means giving them wireless access. When your staff can stay connected while they move around your location, it raises productivity and efficiency. As well as being able to use their own devices (BYOD), wireless infrastructure means freedom to move around the office, from desk to desk or meeting room to meeting room.

We install proper and secured unified wireless systems that will allow you to connect safely and securely anywhere in your office building and beyond with our indoor and outdoor wireless solutions.

Let ZZ Servers design and install the perfect WiFi solution for you. Whether you need WiFi  in an office building, a warehouse, a restaurant, or even a sports stadium, we will make it work. Indoors and outdoors, we have you covered.

ZZ Servers has leveraged our enterprise-grade equipment and expertise to develop a turnkey solution that includes:

  • Network Design
  • RF Survey
  • Specialized Configuration
  • Custom Installation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Phone & Onsite Support

Wi-fi installation

What Are Managed WiFi Services?

Similar to managed IT srvices that support your desktops, laptops, and servers, managed WiFi services support your existing or new wireless networking equipment. By working with a managed WiFi service provider, you’ll be able to offer wireless Internet access to your employees, customers, and guests throughout your property. Managed WiFi services include support coverage for your wireless access points, network controllers, switches, cabling, and other pieces of network equipment.

Which Industries Are Utilizing Managed WiFi Services?

Every business that uses WiFi can benefit from managed WiFi services. Here are a few industries that are currently making the most of their managed WiFi services with ZZ Servers:

  • Real Estate – Managed WiFi for multi-dwelling units, like apartments and dorms, allows those in real estate to benefit from centralized management and consistent billing-not to mention less work. Residents are able to purchase services using their devices without requiring outside intervention. The real estate industry is wisely converting managed WiFi into additional revenue.
  • Healthcare – Managed WiFi enables the staff at hospitals and other medical facilities to access data more quickly and reliably.
  • Financial Institutions – Managed WiFi helps banks offer a secure connection to staff and customers.
  • Hospitality – Secure connections for guests and automatic billing for hotel operators comprise a seamless managed WiFi solution for the hospitality industry.

Have you said anything like this before? If so, contact us today:

  • I need help with managed compliance.
  • We installed our network ourselves, and things aren’t working as expected
  • Our wireless network is slow, and some users are complaining
  • We take credit cards, and now we have to fill out complex paperwork
  • What’s wrong with the internet!!
  • I want to be ready for the future; what do I need to do?
  • My current IT company is difficult to work with and is slowing us down.
  • My website is really old
  • My office manager is overwhelmed and can’t fix the computers anymore
  • I don’t know if Office 365 is right for my business
  • My medical practice is growing, and I need help with HIPAA compliance
  • Should I be worried about ransomware and malware?
  • What is the cloud?

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