Burton Snowboards reveals major data breach following February cyberattack

Burton Snowboards has revealed that it suffered a data breach after an attack in February. The company stated that the attackers may have accessed customer names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates. However, there is no evidence of payment information being accessed. Burton Snowboards has advised its customers to monitor their financial accounts and be cautious of suspicious emails or phone calls.

“Massive Ransomware Breach: 2.5 Million Impacted by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Attack”

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a non-profit health insurer, has suffered a ransomware attack that has potentially affected the personal and medical information of 2.5 million individuals. The company has stated that there is currently no evidence that any personal information has been misused, but they are offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to those affected.

“Data Breach Alert: Over 478,000 Members of RaidForums Impacted by Latest Hacking Forum Leak”

A new hacking forum has leaked the data of 478,000 members of RaidForums, a popular platform for sharing stolen data. The leaked information includes email addresses, usernames, IP addresses, and passwords hashed with the SHA-1 algorithm. This breach highlights the need for strong password hygiene and the importance of using multi-factor authentication to protect personal data.

“Massive MCNA Dental Ransomware Attack Leaves 8.9 Million People’s Data Compromised – Are You at Risk?”

A ransomware attack on the dental insurance company, MCNA Dental, has resulted in a data breach that has affected 8.9 million people. The company has stated that the breach occurred on October 3, 2021, and personal information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and more were accessed by the attackers. MCNA Dental is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to those affected by the breach.

Luxottica Confirms Massive 2021 Data Breach: 70 Million Customers’ Information Leaks Online

Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear conglomerate, has confirmed a data breach that occurred in 2021 after the personal information of 70 million customers was leaked online. The breach, which included names, addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive details, was attributed to a “cybersecurity incident” that Luxottica says has now been resolved. The company has not provided any further details about the breach or how it occurred.

“PharMerica Data Breach: 5.8 Million Patient Records Held Hostage by Ruthless Ransomware Gang”

Ransomware gang Conti has stolen the data of 5.8 million patients from PharMerica, a provider of healthcare services. The stolen data includes patient names, medical information, and social security numbers. Conti is known for stealing sensitive data and then demanding a ransom payment in exchange for not publishing the data online. The incident highlights the need for organizations to implement strong cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data.

Breaking News: Discord Reveals Data Breach Following Support Agent Hack!

Discord, a popular voice and text chat app for gamers, disclosed a data breach after a support agent’s account was hacked. The hacker gained access to sensitive information, including email addresses, passwords, and other account information. Discord reassured users that no payment information was compromised and urged them to enable two-factor authentication.

“Massive Breach: Two Million Customers’ Car Locations Leaked for an Entire Decade”

Toyota has revealed that the location data of around 2 million of its customers has been exposed for over ten years. The data was stored on servers located in Japan and was accessed by unauthorized third parties. The carmaker has now fixed the issue and notified affected customers, but the incident highlights the importance of securing customer data.

“Alert: SchoolDude Data Breach Exposes Credentials, Brightly Urges Vigilance”

Brightly, a cybersecurity firm, warns of a data breach at Schooldude, a school management software provider. The breach exposed users’ login credentials, including usernames and passwords. Brightly discovered the breach after finding the stolen data for sale on the dark web. Schooldude has not yet commented on the incident, but users are advised to update their passwords and monitor their accounts for suspicious activity.

“Tech Developer Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Extortion of Ubiquiti – a Shocking Reminder of Corporate Security Risks”

A former Ubiquiti developer who tried to extort the firm has been sentenced to six years in prison. He was found guilty of accessing the company’s AWS accounts, stealing admin credentials, and demanding a payment of $2 million in bitcoin to avoid sharing the sensitive data. Ubiquiti declined the offer and worked with the FBI to apprehend the developer.

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