Common IT Questions from PCI to Password Resets

Providing business and enterprise level hosted environments is a 24/7/365 job. No question is too small and no problem is too big. Whether you are a company with 10 employees operating through a shared server or your business has hundreds of employees and thousands of servers, ZZ Servers’ job is to make sure businesses operating within our network platforms have the tools they need to run effectively and securely day in and day out.

“All of our clients have an online presence,” says ZZ Servers Operations Manager Mandalyn Ringersma.”Some of our clients don’t have a brick and mortar building – they do everything online, so it’s imperative that we keep their network systems up and running in an efficient and secure environment.”

Ringersma says every day the Help Desk at ZZ Servers addresses a host of user management and compliance related issues to keep client operations functioning smoothly. Here’s a rundown of the top five most common IT and security questions ZZ Servers gets from our clients:

  • Password resets, user setups and email setups – It’s the perennial issue that always crops up despite your best efforts; someone has a problem logging onto their email or network, an employee has forgotten his or her password or a supervisor is having an issue setting up a network account or email account for a new employee. Don’t worry, these things happen. We’re here to get you reset, logged in and connected as quickly as possible.
  • Deciphering the PCI ( Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards – There are 12 PCI compliance requirements under each of which are subsets of requirements. That’s a lot of information for a merchant to wade through and they often call in asking for help in understanding and implementing these standards. Our Help Desk is equipped with knowledgeable PCI experts who can help ensure your network is PCI compliant and that your customers’ credit card data is secure – whether it’s ensuring servers comply with the standards, a business’ policies meet the requirements or that their servers are hardened down.
  • You’ve had a vulnerability scan, now what? The results of a vulnerability scan can be confusing. A vulnerability scan is by nature designed to find weak spots in your network that a bad actor could exploit. Our clients often have questions about how to fix identified vulnerabilities and the best path toward executing those solutions. Don’t panic, we are there to help.
  • General server management – Clients often call in after they’ve gotten a system notification that something’s not quite right. Whether it’s addressing a server low on memory, a log monitoring issue, a component monitoring notification or server and application upgrades, these are issues that can crop up on any given day and we’re here to address them.
  • Crisis management – Our goal is to keep your business’ servers and networks running smoothly, we work to correct any issues before they become a problem. Our system is designed to alert us when problems arise so that we’re already investigating the issue before a client calls. We are aware of what’s going on in our clients’ network at all times and work to get ahead of a problem and begin fixing it before the client ever calls in.

ZZ Servers believes in personalized attention. Day or night, we’re here to answer your questions. No problem is too small. Our customers come first. Always. That’s how we ensure your environment runs smoothly and remains secure.

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