Hosting in a secure environment is necessary for all businesses

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In today’s online-driven world, it’s not a matter of if, but when a business will a victim of a cyber-attack.

The threat of a data breach has become so imminent that an entirely branch of insurance products (cyber liability and privacy policies) have exist specifically to cover a business’ liability in the event a hacker steals or exposes sensitive customer data, such as social security or credit card numbers.

For small to medium size businesses, the costs associated with cyber insurance or effective cybersecurity measures may seem like one more expense to thin out the till. But the risk is real, with statistics showing that 90 percent of all data breaches happen to small businesses on Main Street America.

So how can a small business limit the threat of a data breach, while holding down costs? One of the most cost-effective options choosing qualified vendors, who can offer secure infrastructure within a reasonable budget, which is something any insurance group is going to want to ensure the businesses they work with have thought of.

Share the cost of security

Compliance security standards have become more demanding for businesses that store, process or transmit credit card data, medical records and personal information. The less secure an online environment, the more likely it is the data will be hacked.

That means more risk, and not just for businesses, but also for insurance companies and the merchant service bankers processing credit card transactions. And while hosting in a secure environment may seem financially out of reach for many small businesses, that’s just not the case.

Enter shared secure hosting options, like what’s offered through ZZ Servers.

Shared secure hosting best serves smaller websites that don’t have a large amount of web traffic but still have the same security concerns. By spreading the cost of operating one or several servers among multiple clients, shared hosting offers small businesses an affordable, but secure online presence.

Security for all

Merchant service bankers can offer some support in the way of securing credit card transactions on their end. Insurance can help you recover the cost of a breach. But neither is responsible for the security of the data on your servers and they can’t save you from losing current or future customers if your company is hacked or data is exposed.

ZZ Servers’ PCI Level 1 Validated shared web hosting can offer security to businesses of any size. Not only can such hosting help with a business’ PCI needs, it can help anyone wanting to operate in a more secure environment. We maintain current PCI compliance on our infrastructure, which allows your business to meet its PCI requirements.

A shared PCI environment gives businesses multiple advantages:

-Server log retention and review

-File Integrity Scanning and Intrusion Detection

-Server level security and patches

-More affordable than a PCI Compliant Dedicated Server

-Avoid PCI non-compliance surcharges

-Enterprise server hardware with multiple levels of redundancy

Think of secured hosting, especially PCI shared hosting, as something akin to getting regular healthcare. It maintains your security’s health, monitors the system for anything unusual and makes sure your servers get their booster shots by way of regularly updated security patches.

Why put your business at risk if you don’t have to?


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