New Client Portal Integration with Training Portal!

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ZZ Servers PII Protect portal makes it easy for you and your team to receive cybersecurity & HIPAA compliance training. It helps automate, support, and empower employees to become the superhuman firewall every business needs. For more information on our training platform, please go here: Or log in to your client portal at The new training portal integration provides a new tab for Training under the Security > Identity (formerly Data Breaches) tab. This shows various information related to your usage statistics, secure scores, breach counts, and more.

About the PII Protect Integration

At the time of writing this article, the information that is pulled from PII Protect includes:
  • User training data, including ESS, phishing statistics, breach counts, and more
  • Company statistics, including average ESS, total breaches, dark web risk level, and more
Note that this is an evolving integration. More information will be pulled into the client portal as more information becomes available through the API. Below is an example of what the data looks like now:

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