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Do You Need a Virtual Shared Workspace that Combines Chat, Video Meetings, File Sharing, and Full Microsoft 365 Integration?

Get support implementing or managing technology from a team based in Chesapeake, Virginia. ZZ Servers can help you streamline your operations whether your team is working from home or remotely.

Why Choose Microsoft Teams from ZZ Servers:

Microsoft teams

  • You gain access to partner-only benefits, Microsoft Premium Support, and Microsoft Technical Account Managers.
  • Microsoft provides the platform and manages the hardware and storage — you access your applications and data over the internet and pay only for the resources you use.
  • Microsoft’s SLA guarantees 99.9% availability and all activity is saved in real time on their servers, so your workforce productivity is interruption-free.
  • Upgrades are performed automatically intervals, so you don’t have to worry about being on the latest version. The expense of buying new software is also eradicated as updates are included in your subscription.
  • Enterprise-grade security, including MFA and encryption, comes standard and ensures your organization is compliant and secure.

Microsoft Services and Solutions in Virginia

Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Microsoft’s productivity cloud offers a robust suite of collaboration, security, and productivity tools.

Microsoft 365 managed services

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that combines chat, video meetings, file sharing, and Microsoft 365 integration.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft’s website-based cloud file management platform provides secure storage and access and facilitates remote collaboration.

Microsoft sharepoint


Microsoft’s public cloud platform offers computing, storage, networking, development, and analytics.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

A security platform uses advanced threat intelligence and behavioral sensors to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks on enterprise networks.

Microsoft defender for endpoint
Microsoft teams

Supercharge Teamwork with Microsoft 365 Teams: Support by ZZ Servers

ZZ Servers empowers your business collaboration with Microsoft 365 Teams. We help you leverage Teams to foster seamless communication, break down silos, and improve project management. This boosts team productivity and overall business success. Teams offer chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management – all in one unified platform. ZZ Servers ensures your team utilizes Teams effectively, streamlining workflows and centralizing communication. Our expertise allows for an optimized Teams setup that promotes accessibility and a smooth user experience, regardless of location. Benefit from ZZ Services’ ongoing support and expert guidance on configuring and using Teams to its full potential. Empower your team to collaborate effectively and unlock the maximum benefits of Teams with ZZ Services by your side.

Enhanced Collaboration & Streamlined Communication

ZZ Servers helps you leverage Microsoft 365 Teams to foster seamless communication and collaboration within your business. Break down silos, improve project management, and boost team productivity.

Unified Platform for All Your Needs

Teams offers chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management – all in one place. ZZ Servers ensures your team utilizes Teams effectively, streamlining workflows and centralizing communication.

Improved Accessibility & Flexibility

Teams allows for remote and on-site collaboration, keeping your team connected and productive regardless of location. ZZ Servers optimizes your Teams setup for accessibility and a smooth user experience.

Expert Guidance & Ongoing Support

Our Microsoft 365 specialists provide expert guidance on configuring and using Teams to its full potential. Benefit from ongoing support to ensure your team collaborates effectively and maximizes the benefits of Teams.

What our clients are saying about our Microsoft 365 Teams Solutions

Camille Zhuk 
ZZ Servers is absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t use any other company to host my websites and client websites. When things go wrong they…
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John Carr 
ZZ servers have provided me with complete confidence that my web page is secure. Sun Mechanical web page has been compromised once but with ZZ…
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Jarmarcus King 
Pete and his team are highly skilled Cyber Security and IT professionals. We sleep good at night knowing that ZZ Servers is protecting our business!

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