ZZ Servers adds two technical support engineers to augment its customer service focus

A diagram of a manufacturing process with IT Support.

ZZ Servers expanded its IT service and security team with the addition of two technical support engineers focused on servicing existing customers.

Ashdon Bruner and Ben Derwent both started work at ZZ Servers earlier this month. ZZ Servers Managing Partner Peter Zendzian called the addition of Bruner and Derwent an affirmation of the company’s commitment to its customers and one that will enhance its “high-touch” emphasis in serving clients.

Technical support engineers at ZZ Servers are key members of the team focused on ensuring success for existing customers. Their primary duties include troubleshooting and diagnosing customer issues and ensuring ZZ Servers customers have a positive experience and a product that meets their needs.

One of Derwent’s primary duties includes building and configuring a node for the ZZ Servers cloud platform. In addition, Derwent is in a tier 1 support position focused on filling in and helping engineers with customer service.

“The main reason we brought Ben on board is that people we know or who have been referred to us have been more successful on our team, and he came to us with a great referral,” Zendzian said. “We are confident that he’s a great addition to the team.”

Bruner had previously been an intern at ZZ Servers in the spring of 2015. Bruner is a 2015 graduate of ECPI, earning a Bachelor’s degree in computer and information science.

“Some things that stood out about Ashdon when he was an intern with us are his professionalism and how seamlessly he transitioned into our team,” Zendzian said. “He’s a great fit at ZZ Servers.”

About ZZ Servers:

With more than 25 years in the security and systems industry, brothers Peter and David Zendzian founded ZZ Servers in 2006 to leverage the latest technologies and bring enterprise class hosting and compliance solutions to all levels of business. ZZ Servers helps companies of all sizes do IT securely – from desktop to data center – by designing, building, managing and maintaining secure information technology environments for organizations that handle credit cards, healthcare records, and financial or business critical information. For more information about ZZ Servers visit www.zzservers.com. Interviews with ZZ Servers Managing Partner Peter Zendzian are available upon request.

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