ZZ Servers Co-Founder Embraces Inner Geek At Geekend

The cover of Inlander magazine featuring a train on the tracks, perfect for Geekend enthusiasts.

Merriam-Webster defines a geek as a “person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity.”

ZZ Servers Co-Founder and Managing Partner David Zendzian fits that description perfectly. So it makes sense that one of the Z’s in ZZ Servers embraced his inner geek earlier this month at the annual Geekend conference in Savannah, Ga.

The point of the three-day event is to bring together entrepreneurs, designers, coders, techies and innovators to share ideas and exciting solutions. For Zendzian, who sponsored Geekend in its first year and later served as a speaker at the conference, the opportunity to mingle with inspired business minds offers a chance to learn more about the technology successes and challenges facing both big and small companies.

“I just kind of start the conversation, so they all know who I am and what I can help them with,” Zendzian said.

And what the Chesapeake, Va., based IT solutions company can help with is a lot. ZZ Servers offers a variety of services ranging from security – including intrusion detection and penetration testing – to domain hosting to server management, monitoring and network storage to PCI compliance and HIPPA compliance.

That fit nicely with Geekend’s roster of speakers, who focused on subjects like mobile product development, technology and education, healthcare and technology and the intersection of the arts, social media and digital marketing.

Zendzian found himself chatting with all kinds of people ranging from Jacqueline Verdier and Dominic Suszanksi, co-founders of Selfie On A Stick, to business owners navigating the complex waters of PCI ( Payment Card Industry) compliance, basically anyone whose business processes or transmits credit card information.

A long time South Carolina resident, what Zendzian especially likes about Geekend is that while the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina aren’t considered hot spots for tech-based start-ups, the event focuses on the potential that’s there.

“The community’s here,” Zendzian said. “We’re trying to help them grow so they can come work with us and we can all grow.”

From the beginning, ZZ Servers has focused on providing enterprise services reserved for the larger corporations to the little guy, while keeping the big guy in mind.

That’s why the company can so easily serve a small business needing cloud services and still service government and commercial clients needing help with compliance management, security services or data protection.

The goal of Geekend is to connect businesses with local resources. And whether it’s creating a basic website or having a security audit, ZZ servers can help.

“We designed our company to help all businesses,” Zendzian said, adding “We can scale very big because we scaled small.”

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