ZZ Servers Founder Attending Largest Annual Hacker Conference, Available For Interviews

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Hacking into car computer systems and smart scopes on guns. Getting inside a Brink’s Security Safe in less than 60 seconds. And how to secure cloud-based computing environments where traditional security processes such as periodic patches, vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, and standard forensics practices are more difficult.

The Chesapeake, Va.-based ZZ Servers Co-Founder, and Managing Partner David M. Zendzian will attend these and other talks led by hacking researchers from around the globe next week at DEF CON 23.

DEF CON, rated among the largest and one of the oldest and continuously running hacker conventions in the world, takes place in Las Vegas from August 6 to 9 at Paris & Bally’s.

“DEF CON has become a place to connect and talk in detail about specific challenges and innovations happening throughout the industry,” Zendzian said.

DEF CON 23 is already making headlines, with this week’s announcement that hackers intend to showcase how they can crack a Brink’s safe in less than 60 seconds thanks to a vulnerability in a USB port. The model in question is Brink’s CompuSafe Galileo, intended for use in retail stores as a cash management system.

Media are invited to DEF CON 23 but must register with DEF CON organizers here .

Zendzian is available for interviews during DEF CON, and after he returns to report on developments, he uncovers there. Please get in touch with Stephanie Heinatz at 757.713.2199 to schedule an interview or at [email protected].


With over 25 years in the security and systems industry, David M. Zendzian founded ZZ Servers with his brother, a 20-year retired U.S. Navy Chief Technology Specialist, to leverage the latest technologies and bring enterprise-class hosting and compliance solutions to all levels of business. Before ZZ Servers, Zendzian spent seven years as a PCI QSA / PA-QSA working with companies such as Virgin Mobile, Williams Sonoma, Wells Fargo Bank, U.S. Marine Corps Community Services, Kayak.com, and others.

Before becoming a QSA, David was Technology Manager for Wells Fargo Bank, Private Client Services (PCS, High-Net worth / Brokerage / Wealth Management), where he managed a team of Security/Network & Server architects that designed and deployed every Wells Fargo PCS technology project.

Before Wells Fargo, Zendzian served as CEO & Lead Consultant with DMZ Services, where he deployed and maintained enterprise servers and security for a variety of .COM startups, including JustGive.org, an online giving portal where he provided critical resources to the partnering between JustGive and American Express to create the American Express giving portal combined with JustGive, generated over $24 million for tens of thousands of nonprofits in 2007.

In the early 1990s, Zendzian was a founding partner in one of the first Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in South Carolina, and in 1997 Zendzian founded the first Wireless ISP in the southeast, Air Internet.

Zendzian shares his work and research with the community. Publishing “Hack Proofing your Wireless Network” and speaking at security and private corporate conferences on wireless security, mapping through aerial and satellite technologies, PCI compliance, and other general security and architecture topics.

As a strong advocate of OpenSource development, Zendzian has provided patches to many projects, including updates and a complete solution for hosting, account management, and payment interface for the NoCat WiFi hotspot gateway and SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer, developed by Carnegie Mellon).


Founded in 2006 by brothers Peter and David Zendzian, ZZ Servers helps companies of all sizes do IT securely – from desktop to data center – by providing innovative, enterprise-level business hosting solutions. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Va., ZZ Servers’ primary world-class data centers are located in San Francisco and Washington, DC, and managed through a distributed worldwide network. Thanks to robust backgrounds in cybersecurity, ZZ Servers is uniquely positioned to offer clients specialized services often unavailable from traditional service providers, including PCI, HIPPA, CMMC, and SOX certified solutions; fully managed data and security services; hosted business PBX; Network Addressed Storage (NAS); comprehensive data analysis; and more.

ZZ Servers designs, builds, manages, and maintains secure information technology environments for organizations that handle credit cards, healthcare records, and financial or business-critical information.

ZZ Servers also offers in-house penetration testing, forensics, and incident response teams.

For more information, visit https://www.zzservers.com.

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