ZZ Servers Web Site Upgrades and Improvements

ZZ Servers is continuing our web site upgrades and improvements. This week we completed migrating most of our internet facing services to use our common members area authentication system and added new services to our members area.

This means fewer passwords to remember and easier navigation between various services and applications used to support your infrastructure.

The following services have been integrated to use your members area authentication details:

    • Support Portal.
    • Project Portal.

New features added to members area:

    • Full DNS management. Let ZZ Servers host your DNS needs with full service redundant DNS.
    • User account and contact management. Define how your staff interact with ZZ Servers systems with role based access.
    • Project Management. Manage your projects using ZZ Servers full featured project management software.

Visit your members area at https://www.zzservers.com/members/ and discover the new changes today.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade process.

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