iOttie Reveals Massive Data Breach: Hackers Exploit Site to Swipe Credit Cards

iOttie Reveals Massive Data Breach: Hackers Exploit Site to Swipe Credit Cards via Lcbo.

Imagine this: you’re shopping online for a new car mount for your smartphone, and you come across a reputable company called iOttie that offers a wide range of mobile accessories. Little do you know that, during the two months between April 12th and June 2nd, their website was compromised, and hackers stole customers’ credit card information and personal data.

How Did This Happen?

On June 13th, iOttie discovered that their online store had been infiltrated by malicious scripts for nearly two months. According to their data breach notification , the criminals planted e-skimming codes that collected customers’ sensitive information during the checkout process. The breach was finally resolved on June 2nd, when a WordPress/plugin update removed the malicious code.

What Is MageCart?

The type of attack iOttie experienced is known as MageCart. In this scenario, cybercriminals hack into online stores and insert malicious JavaScript codes into checkout pages. When unsuspecting customers enter their payment information, the script steals the data and sends it to the hackers. This stolen information is then used for financial fraud, identity theft, or sold to other criminals on the dark web.

What Information Was Stolen?

While iOttie hasn’t revealed the number of affected customers, they did confirm that names, personal information, and payment data may have been stolen. This includes financial account numbers, credit and debit card numbers, security codes, access codes, passwords, and PINs. Anyone who made a purchase on iOttie’s website between April 12th and June 2nd should closely monitor their credit card statements and bank accounts for any suspicious activity.

Why Was iOttie Vulnerable?

iOttie’s online store runs on WordPress, a popular website platform that’s often targeted by cybercriminals due to its widespread use and reliance on plugins. Vulnerabilities in these plugins can lead to full site takeovers or malicious code injections into WordPress templates. In iOttie’s case, the hackers likely exploited a weakness in one of their installed plugins, which was subsequently patched in an update.

How Can You Protect Your Business?

As a business owner, you must be proactive in securing your online presence. Regularly updating your website’s software, plugins, and security measures will help minimize the risk of cyberattacks. Additionally, partnering with a trusted IT services provider like ZZ Servers can further strengthen your defenses and ensure your customers’ data remains safe.

How Can I Protect My Information After a Data Breach?

Data breach protection now is crucial for safeguarding your information. Start by reviewing your online accounts for any suspicious activity. Change passwords regularly and use strong, unique ones. Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. Keep your devices up to date with security patches and antivirus software. Be cautious of phishing scams and educate yourself on cybersecurity best practices.

Take Action Today

The iOttie breach is a stark reminder of the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. Don’t wait for your business to become a target. Contact us today to learn how ZZ Servers can help you secure your online presence and safeguard your customers’ sensitive information.

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